262699201_640On July 31, Grace Brethren Chapel will begin a new study on Wednesday nights, entitled “The Explicit Gospel”. We invite you to join us as we seek to better understand, share, and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ.

From the cover:

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest news ever proclaimed to humanity. Yet many believers have a limited grasp of the power of the gospel. Once saved, they don’t avail themselves of all the gospel offers for Christian living.

This Bible study makes explicit the multifaceted truths of the gospel. Matt Chandler clearly defines the saving power of the gospel and then articulates what the gospel does for believers after salvation. He challenges you to embrace and rely on the gospel to grow in Christlikeness, to persevere in you faith, to serve others in the power of Christ, and to celebrate your eternal redemption.

The gospel is much bigger than you may have imagined. Let the explicit gospel shatter your preconceptions to reveal unexplored dimensions of God’s grace.

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