On July 30 at 6pm, Grace Brethren Chapel will begin a new study on Wednesday nights utilizing John Piper’s Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. It will be a six week study which will include video lectures from John Piper, followed by discussion, and Q&A.

The video series is also accompanied by a book which can be purchased on Amazon for $8.99 in paperback, or $6.15 for Kindle. However, the book will not be required for participating in the study.

Here is a small sample of the book, printed from the first edition published in 2001:

Who is Jesus Christ?

You’ve never met him in person, and you don’t know anyone who has. But there is a way to know who he is. How? Jesus Christ-the divine Person revealed in the Bible-has a unique excellence and a spiritual beauty that speaks directly to our souls and says, “Yes, this is truth.” It’s like seeing the sun and knowing that it is light, or tasting honey and knowing that it is sweet.

The depth and complexity of Jesus shatter our simple mental frameworks. He baffled proud scribes with his wisdom but was understood and loved by children. He calmed a raging storm with a word but would not get himself down from the cross.

Look at the Jesus of the Bible. Keep your eyes open, and fill them with the portrait of Jesus in God’s Word. Jesus said, “If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority.” Ask God for the grace to do his will, and you will see the truth of his Son.

John Piper has written this book in the hope that all will see Jesus for who he really is and will come to enjoy him above all else.

First Edition 2001; New Edition 2004 
Crossway Books (Wheaton, Illinois)


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